Wednesday, 5 December 2018

cave animation

Hi my name is Tisa  

This term we have been learning about art and team 4 was learning about cave art. 

many years ago there were people running  around with spears and other weapons to hunt animals down. These hunters came across a group of lions. The hunters chased the lions and killed one of them. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Term 4 Goals and Expectations

Term 4 Goals and Expectations

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Term 3 is over so our topic for this term is Te Wa Toi it means time for art. So this term team 4 is learning about different types of art. This term every team is doing art but different art to team 4 the topic is about art.

There are lots of things on this term. I am very excited for Athletics because it has sport in it and it is my
favorite thing. This term every year 6 has camp it is at kawau island that what I’m kinda excited for that

This term I have some goals that I would like to achieve. One of my goals for this term is to get good
grades on my report. Another goal is to work hard to finish my work.

This term I want to learn about art and also sports because that is my favourite thing. I want to learn
about different arts and styles and kinds.

This is a very busy term there is lots on like athletics which I really want to do. I want to achieve all
of my goals and also learn lots of new and fun things.

Friday, 28 September 2018

tisa The Real Story of The Princess and the Pea

The Real Story of The Princess and the Pea
WALT: retell a fairy tale with a significant twist

Character twist
raven, tricera ops,ravage .
Setting Twist
The mansion next to lonely lodge
Problem Twist


Start Writing here:

Once upon a time there lived a guy named Raven. One day Raven was sad because he didn't have a girlfriend so the Raven was walking around the city and then there was a girl name Tricera-ops. When Tricera-ops saw Raven she followed him. She saw Raven go inside his mansion she was hiding from him.when she finished  hiding in the bush she knocked on the door Raven opened the door. When Raven saw Tricera-ops he slapped her face and she fell down the stairs.

One week later when raven went for a run he saw a girl that was just right for him.  He walked up to her and then asked her if she wanted to go to his mansion. The girl said yes and they walked to the mansion together. While they were walking to the mansion they began to talk and Raven found out the girls name was ravage . They both like cookies and cream ice-cream and have a lot in common. Raven wonders if this girl could be the princess he has been waiting for. Raven asked if she is a princess and she said no.

But Raven still liked her rather  ravage not tricera ops so Raven Mom was thinking about letting  Ravage sleep at his house.then Raven’s Mom told Raven and Ravage to go sleep she put a pea under the  i’n the morning Ravage told raven that she didn't sleep well and then Raven was so happy.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

tisa Convert these measurements to either mm or cm

Convert these measurements to either mm or cm

1 a.
50mm  = 5cm

1 b.
80 mm  = 8 cm

2 a.
30 mm  = 3 cm

2 b.
2 cm  = 20 mm

3 a.
10 mm  = 5 cm

3 b.
10 cm  = 100 mm

4 a.
6 cm  = 60mm

4 b.
7 cm  = 70 mm

5 a.
40mm  = 4cm

5 b.
9 cm  = 4 mm

6 a.
30 mm  = 3 cm

6 b.
3 cm  = 30 mm

7 a.
10 cm  = 100 mm

100 mm  = 10 cm

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

tisa NED's Kindness Adventure

  • What the assembly was about? it is about NED going for a aventure to kenya.
  • Who is NED? he is a  guy who is kind to people wherever he goes.
  • Where did NED go? To kenya
  • What did I learn from NED? I learned to be kind where ever I go.
  • What are you going to do this week: pick up  rubbish
    • Different can be good
    • Include others caring is cool
    • I can make friends anywhere
    • People matter a lot

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