Tuesday, 28 August 2018

tisa Convert these measurements to either mm or cm

Convert these measurements to either mm or cm

1 a.
50mm  = 5cm

1 b.
80 mm  = 8 cm

2 a.
30 mm  = 3 cm

2 b.
2 cm  = 20 mm

3 a.
10 mm  = 5 cm

3 b.
10 cm  = 100 mm

4 a.
6 cm  = 60mm

4 b.
7 cm  = 70 mm

5 a.
40mm  = 4cm

5 b.
9 cm  = 4 mm

6 a.
30 mm  = 3 cm

6 b.
3 cm  = 30 mm

7 a.
10 cm  = 100 mm

100 mm  = 10 cm

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

tisa NED's Kindness Adventure

  • What the assembly was about? it is about NED going for a aventure to kenya.
  • Who is NED? he is a  guy who is kind to people wherever he goes.
  • Where did NED go? To kenya
  • What did I learn from NED? I learned to be kind where ever I go.
  • What are you going to do this week: pick up  rubbish
    • Different can be good
    • Include others caring is cool
    • I can make friends anywhere
    • People matter a lot

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tisa Perimeter Problems

Friday, 27 July 2018

tisa Move Ya' Body Recount

On Monday, Pt England had an immersion assembly in the hall. All the other teams had to show what they are going to learn about this term. I am creating a recount called two truths and one lie. You will have to guess which paragraph is untrue.

Mr Somerville and Mr J started dancing on the stage. Next Mr Burt came out dressed like a woman. They were all really bad dancers,

After Mr Burt had danced there was a huge surprise. The All Blacks came and did a big dance for us. They were terrible at dancing too.

After that Miss Haare and Miss Ramona went up on the stage and they were dancing. They made everyone stand up and dance. They were the best dancers. Finally we got to watch someone good.

The immersion assembly was fun we all got to dance. It was funny watching all of the people dance. Some were good and some were bad. Can you guess which one of my paragraphs is not true?