Friday, 16 June 2017

tisa Can He Save Her?

Image result for roger tuivasa sheck tumblronce there was a lady named miss parrant she was walking around  when shaun johnson came out of nowhere. He kicked her and he grabbed her and put her in the rubbish. after that roger tuivasa sheck found shaun johnson  and they had a battle. roger tuivasa sheck shine  kicked him  and he broke his leg and they stopped fighting. Shaun Johnson went to the hospital to get better. He came out of the hospital and went home to practice. Over time  shaun johnson became stronger and  stronger.  so shaun johnson called roger tuivasa sheck And told him to meet him at Mt Smart stadium. they played a game of 1 on 1 touch at the end it was a draw so they had to go to golden point. roger tuivasa sheck  got a try and He won. soon after that shaun johnson came and kidnapped miss parrant. roger tuivasa sheck  heard her scream and he found her. miss parrant was telling him to help her but he saw shawn johnson going back so he cut the rope off her arm and then took her away.  he had finally saved her but Shaun Johsnson came out of no where and pushed her out of the window. Miss Parrant was falling to the ground fast so roger tuivasa sheck knocked Shaun Johnson out and jumped out of the window to save her. Miss Parrant was finally safe and roger tuivasa sheck was a hero. Shaun Johnson went to jail.