Wednesday, 6 December 2017

incy wincy spider

this term we are learning about musical madness and making animation about nursery rhymes.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Kiwi kaper

On wed 23th of nov all of the year 5 & some year 7 went to kiwi kapers. At kiwi kapers we  watched a performance. We went past the city and went past the motorway. Kiwi kapers is so big.  We went to kiwi kaper before lunchtime we packed up and had our lunch we had to meet at the  porch with Mr Burt and with all the year 5’s.I was in Miss Nada’s group and I was partnered with AJ. Their performance was amazing.

When we got inside they said the music was telling us a story. We sat down and this lady was wearing white and she tried to run away from the darkness. after that  we saw a man dancing on a big ring.

All of them showed us all there instrument then they all played it at once & then the conductor told us his name.When he told us his name he told us to copy him conduct.then we copy him he so fast we couldn't even copy him they played super fast song.  

My favorite thing was watching the man dancing on the ring. I am thankful to Miss Nada for looking after us. I learnt that some music can tell us ac story.