Wednesday, 6 December 2017

incy wincy spider

this term we are learning about musical madness and making animation about nursery rhymes.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Kiwi kaper

On wed 23th of nov all of the year 5 & some year 7 went to kiwi kapers. At kiwi kapers we  watched a performance. We went past the city and went past the motorway. Kiwi kapers is so big.  We went to kiwi kaper before lunchtime we packed up and had our lunch we had to meet at the  porch with Mr Burt and with all the year 5’s.I was in Miss Nada’s group and I was partnered with AJ. Their performance was amazing.

When we got inside they said the music was telling us a story. We sat down and this lady was wearing white and she tried to run away from the darkness. after that  we saw a man dancing on a big ring.

All of them showed us all there instrument then they all played it at once & then the conductor told us his name.When he told us his name he told us to copy him conduct.then we copy him he so fast we couldn't even copy him they played super fast song.  

My favorite thing was watching the man dancing on the ring. I am thankful to Miss Nada for looking after us. I learnt that some music can tell us ac story.

Friday, 16 June 2017

tisa Can He Save Her?

Image result for roger tuivasa sheck tumblronce there was a lady named miss parrant she was walking around  when shaun johnson came out of nowhere. He kicked her and he grabbed her and put her in the rubbish. after that roger tuivasa sheck found shaun johnson  and they had a battle. roger tuivasa sheck shine  kicked him  and he broke his leg and they stopped fighting. Shaun Johnson went to the hospital to get better. He came out of the hospital and went home to practice. Over time  shaun johnson became stronger and  stronger.  so shaun johnson called roger tuivasa sheck And told him to meet him at Mt Smart stadium. they played a game of 1 on 1 touch at the end it was a draw so they had to go to golden point. roger tuivasa sheck  got a try and He won. soon after that shaun johnson came and kidnapped miss parrant. roger tuivasa sheck  heard her scream and he found her. miss parrant was telling him to help her but he saw shawn johnson going back so he cut the rope off her arm and then took her away.  he had finally saved her but Shaun Johsnson came out of no where and pushed her out of the window. Miss Parrant was falling to the ground fast so roger tuivasa sheck knocked Shaun Johnson out and jumped out of the window to save her. Miss Parrant was finally safe and roger tuivasa sheck was a hero. Shaun Johnson went to jail.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tisa Swimming Lessons Recount

Hi my name is tisa and I am learning to get in the pool safely.Swimming is import  so we can be safe in the water .Team 4 went to the glen innes swimming pool for two weeks because we want  to learn to Keep yourself safe.Before  we went the to the swimming pool we got ready go to the pool and when we went we they we were in a line. But when we went inside we said the role and then after went to have a Shower and then we put on our life and we went inside the pool. When you're in the water and you are  during then you float on your back and swim back to the end of the side.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tisa Immersion Assembly - Now that's thininkg!

Welcome to term 2 we are learning about now that thinking! This topic is about Technology. Now that thinking and we are learning to build things. Some of us are learning about Matariki and make kites.Thinking about what are they are going to build. Team 4 will also look at what technology Maori had before Pakeha arrived in New Zealand.I want to learn how to use maori tools. I want to learn games they used to use.Looking at the river and the museum. We could look at maori tools they used. I am looking forward  to this topic.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Tisa Letter to the Minister of Conservation

Dear Maggie Barry,

My name is Tisa and I am writing about Pests & Predators. Pests are possums, rats, and predators are wolves, sharks and bears.In the 1990's DOC set a world record by making Kapiti island pest and predator free. I think it would be good to make New Zealand pest and predator free by 2050.

Yours sincerely,


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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Year 5/6 Camp - Writing

Today i'm writing about year 5/6 camp at the camp we done some activity and we had  camp at school.We started camp on wednesday 8th of march we finished on the 10th of march.My favorite  part was when we went to the pool two times.But my best part was when we went to the mangere pool on the last day of camp diving in the water.
Thank you mr Brut for making the camp happen I learn at to listen and be good.

thing that I like

Native Trees Presentation

Friday, 24 March 2017

writing about penguins

Although the penguin’s ancestors were flying birds, penguins do not have this skill and they instead use their paddle-like wings (flippers). To propel themselves through the water Penguin wing bones are solid, unlike flying birds’ wings which are hollow to save weight.
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Tisa why trees are important