Thursday, 18 February 2016

Tisa All About Me 2016

This is all about and my favorite sport is NFL and I am from kingdom of tonga and I have three brothers.Plus me equals four and I have three sister's.

What is your favorite sport?                    
leave an comment so I can see what sport you like.


  1. Congratulations on posting your first presentation for 2016 Tisa! I am so lucky to have you in Room 13 this year. Thank you for sharing some information about yourself. If you train and work hard i'm sure you will become a NFL player!
    From Mrs Stickland

  2. I enjoyed your presentation because you taught me something new.

  3. I enjoyed your presentation because i like when people share their learning. it had lots of detail and i like your animal to

  4. Hi Tisa I like your all about me because of menu tilie he was doing very very big bump offs.